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Donating Bibles to Prisoners

While CLI distributes thousands of Christian books very month, Bibles are the most important item we can possibly donate.

Right now there is a desperate need for LARGE print Bibles - both in English and Spanish.

Did you know that the standard print size of a Bible is 8 points? A 12 point font, that we normally use in our letters, is considered large print.  However, the majority of the Bibles that are donated are 8 point; they are difficult, if not impossible, to read./u>  Combine this fact with inadequate eye care, and we have inmates who are not able to grow in God's truth.

As Christopher attests,
"I had no possessions... not even a toothbrush, and I was without God in my heart. The jail chaplain brought me a Bible with CLI's name in it.  I read it carefully and I gave my heart to Jesus in that jail cell. Thank you for reaching out to inmates. Those in jail are in tremendous spiritual agony and really God."

Readable Bibles are urgently needed in the prisons! You can reach an inmate, his or her family and our community with the gospel by helping provide large print English or Spanish Bibles. We invite you to make a special Easter donation.

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